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Improving Quality of Care

HQA Consulting, Inc. is dedicated to the improvement of healthcare by utilizing qualified staff members to help organizations reach internal and regulatory goals. Our team has a history of successful project completion including complex projects such as HEDIS submission and data system implementations. No project is too big or too small for our reliable staff.

Our competent and experienced clinical and technical team at HQA Consulting, Inc. is ready to assist your organization in the HEDIS process from start to finish. We have extensive experience in data capture, hybrid chart review, rate validation, and submission to NCQA for all types of health plans. We are happy to assist with any or all parts of the process.

Chrissy Mansoori

Chrissy Mansoori – President

With a strong knowledge of both the provider and payer sides of healthcare, a talent to spot data trends and a drive to succeed, founder Chrissy Mansoori had over 15 years in the healthcare industry before forming HQA Consulting. She’d discovered over the years that having a unique blend of technical and clinical knowledge gave her an edge that allowed her to assist in quality improvement efforts that were significantly impactful to both the business and the people served. She wanted to use those skills and knowledge to help more organizations attain better health and quality of care outcomes for their populations.

With her extensive experience in healthcare, Chrissy has undertaken major projects including numerous NCQA HEDIS submissions and medical management system implementations.